Year 11 Camp

I haven’t blogged for what seems like ages!  I feel terrible about it, but I have been rather busy!  I did get all those assignments in, right on time and I even had a Year 11 camp to go to!

We went to a place in southern Queensland, near the cute yet bogan town, Boonah.  It was absolutely freezing and we had no electronic devices at all.  I spent some great times with my friends and even made some new ones!  Even though it was freezing most of the time, I had both good and bad experiences.  One of the bad things that happened was that I found out that one of the greatest friends I have is suicidal.  It hurts me to even think she would ever want to get out from this life in such a dreadful way.  I love her with all my heart 😦

I enjoyed camp and all the people that came with it, but I just can’t help but worry about her.  I have vowed to look after her.  

xoxo Sarah


Since I have my little job, I’ve been wondering, what will I spend my money on?

Yes, I have been saving money for an overseas trip (I will endeavour on this topic soon… maybe) but I seriously have a lot of money that’s kinda sitting there.  In my bank.  And that for some reason freaks me out a bit.  

So today I was mucking around on the Ikea website and was looking at all the wonderful weirdness and random crap they have there.  It got me thinking.  ‘HOLY CRAP.  I SHOULD TOTALLY REDO MY WHOLE ROOM!’ haha… 

In my slight (lol, slight? too subtle of a word) crazy moment of pure GENIUS, I have decided to redo my whole room in a design of three colours.  Black, because my walls are white and I am no way going to paint (hehe can’t be bothered and my parents would KILL me) white, because my walls are white… (duh) and pink! (because I got a really cool lampshade in Thailand so yeah… (pictures later… maybe?)  

So I will redo my room to perfection! In other words, this could take not only a few months, not the rest of the year, but most likely after a few years? haha lazy pride mudafakas (I need sleep.  Badly)

And also because my main push to do this was because I checked my bank account the other day.  I almost cried of happiness.  Usually I’d be like ‘yeah! more books to buy!’  but I really doubt I would be able to find that many books to purchase… So a new bedroom look it is! So excited, for when it finally happens (if it ever does…) 

Needing sleep and maybe a little less time on the internet… mwaha

Sarah xoxo

Lots of Concerts!


So last week we had our school semester concert!  I was pretty happy with the ending of it, we all sounded great! (well, mostly…) anyways, I did my solo which I did perfectly (the best I had ever done, so yay!) and I definitely had a concert hangover the next day at school, but what can you do?

So Fleetwood Mac is going to be touring in Australia soon! Some of you are probably wondering, ‘what, a sixteen year old girl likes Fleetwood Mac?’  Yes.  I love Fleetwood Mac.  I have always loved the style of their music since I was young and when Glee was doing a special on it, yes, I watched the usual torturous show.  And yes, I loved it.

And not only am I most likely going to see Fleetwood Macs concert, I might even be going to see ‘Passenger’ live! YAY!  It’s only $52.50 (or close to that) and I really really REALLY want to go to it.  So this year could be very musical for me.  Both concerts (Passenger and Fleetwood Mac) are in December and hell yeah I’m keen! So now I just need to find someone to go with me to the Passenger concert and I’ll be good to go.

Happy days to you,

Love, Sarah


So recently I have been swamped with of course, lots of school work and assignments.  Being stressed out and really needing to do them, I of course decide to do a blog post! Why not, it’s just education (just kidding, freaking out about getting them all done)

So for English, I have to do a dramatic monologue which is not something I’m looking forward to.  Drama is something I love to do (in front of my friends, mucking around mostly) just not in front of class! Especially when half of them either think I’m a flipping werido or mostly hate me for being me (#yolo is my thoughts when I’m with my friends, so yeah…) Not looking forward to that one at all! The draft is due on Friday, haven’t even started 😀 (sarcastic smiley face)

For Maths A, I have two one and a half hour tests in one day.  It doesn’t sound hard to most people, but I HATE maths.  I hate it with a passion.  Like seriously maths, get over your ex, she/he hates your guts and no one knows why or cares why.  Please leave. (STUDY TIME ANYONE? Yeah, didn’t think so)

For Biology, I have an assignment about IVF.  I’m okay with it, as in I know what IVF is and all that, the main thing is having to write it all down and making sure that yes, it does make sense to people that don’t have a mind as wacko as mine (so everyone else on the world).  The draft is due on Wednesday and I’ve only done half of the assignment, yet to do the rest of it and then the annotated bibliography, which I have never done before in my life, so help is definitely going to be one word my friends from the class will be hearing a lot of 😉

In Graphics, we have an assignment to make our own classroom for the school which is eco friendly and sustainable.  Only drawn some ideas and thought about it… When is it due? lol who knows when 😛

Then in Music, we have another assignment where we have to analyse the differences of two songs and make a long report of it.  Sounds fun? Yeah no, Haven’t started and the draft is due either earlier today or tomorrow s%&t!!! :O

Last but not least, I have an art assignment! Thankfully, this one I have actually started, and it is going quite well.  I have to make a costume that can fit me, so in other words, I have to be able to wear it. It consists of a skirt (covered with hand sewn on cardboard leaves), a shirt (made out of origami flowers) and maybe something else (not so sure yet).  So this assignment better get me an A+! Or I will most likely cry.  

So back to my bajillion and one assignments which is going to probably kill me (eek!) Not looking forward to this…

xoxo Sarah


So tomorrow is Sunday! Or as most women with kids would know it as ‘mothers day’! So since I work at bunnings, (part time) they do stuff for mothers day.

Today they called me up and asked me to work tomorrow from 10am to 6:30pm. So this means that not only am I getting paid time and a half (bringing in the moola!), but I miss out on mothers day with my mum! :O

Usually this would have been ok, but since my younger brother is in Germany for school (he’s representing Australia for first Lego league, nerd…) I feel kinda bad about it. So I’ve decided to one day take her out to a cafe for lunch or morning tea as a belated (probably by two weeks by then) mothers day!

Huzzah! It’s all solved and now I at least have a good reason to work this weekend (that plus I need some more books to read).

So happy mothers day, everyone! Remember your mother tomorrow, she is the one who went through labour to have you anyways

xoxo Sarah


Welcome to my blog! My blog is pretty much just going to be my online diary. None of my friends (or maybe some) will know about it, so I guess it’ll be exciting to see what people think! I will try to post regularly to show people the ‘joyful’ moments of my life…

Stay with me,